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PMCA feature:
PMCA Research Fellowship Student Completes Summer Internship with Member Companies

December 2019 - Bethlehem, PA — The Pennsylvania State University Food Science Cocoa, Chocolate and Confectionery group named Terianne Hamada as the recipient of the 2019 PMCA/Penn State Graduate Fellowship Award.
The purpose of the fellowship is to recognize and support outstanding graduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in the Department of Food Science at the Pennsylvania State University, to honor confectionery industry individuals named by PMCA, such as Peter van B. Heide, in perpetuity, and to promote and enhance the knowledge and image of the confectionery industry.

Mars Wrigley Confectionery (above left) and Ingredion (right) hosts Terianne Hamada during summer internship.

Terianne transitioned to the PhD program in the fall of 2019. She graduated from Whittier College, CA with a degree in chemistry. She has already completed one project on the sensory properties of chocolate.

Over the course of two weeks in the summer of 2019, Terianne visited eight PMCA member companies to experience different environments, talk to professional confectioners and gain a better understanding of how things work in the confectionery industry.

“Overall, my visits gave me a more well-rounded understanding of the confectionery industry, its parts and how it all comes together to make our favorite sweet treats,” she said. “Along the way, I was able to share my own research and procure ideas for future studies.”

Terianne expressed her enjoyment in observing diversity in departments and roles. “Before this internship, I thought the only jobs available were in product development, research and development or marketing. It was eye-opening to see the different branches of these departments, their different functions depending on location and to learn about all the departments I had not even known existed.”

Terianne said this glimpse into the industry helped her imagine how her own future might look. “I hope the foundational knowledge that I now have will make me a better fit for this industry that I would like to be a part of someday.” She expressed her gratitude to the host companies and all the people who took part in her visits and looks forward to joining the ranks of confectionery professionals in the future.

Special thanks go to the host companies:
Barry Callebaut
Blommer Chocolate Company
The Hershey Company
Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Warrell Creations 

PMCA Students Complete Science & Sensory
of Chocolate Manufacture Short Course at UC, Davis
(PMCA — October 6, 2019) — First-time PMCA course host University of California, Davis welcomed industry professionals to its facility to learn the science and sensory of industrial chocolate manufacture. As part of its initiative to increase presence on the West Coast, PMCA was pleased to offer a chocolate course in this region for the first time. PMCA is continuing these efforts with the recent formation of a new regional committee, led by Rebecca Kuehn, Guittard Chocolate Company, to provide perspective on how to better serve the confectionery industry west of the Rockies.

Seven experienced instructors and two assistants led the training, which consisted of many topics including sustainability, bean processing, tempering, enrobing, sensory and food safety. A facility tour of Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco treated attendees to chocolate bar samples, house-made hot chocolate and great discussion around chocolate manufacturing. The group also had the chance to experience an exclusive wine and chocolate pairing session led by Dr. Andrew Waterhouse, Director of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science at UC Davis.

Student Commentary:

“All of the content was informative and delivered in a way that could be understood.

“Very impressed with all presenters. All friendly, professional and knowledgeable.”

“This was an amazing course! I learned so much and this was great information to have on hand. I have a lot of context now into chocolate, which gives me great context for chocolate in bakery applications.”

“I really learned what I came for – cocoa beans handling, processing, food safety and tempering chocolate! Loved the chocolate and wine pairing discussion and the Dandelion facility tour.”


Marlene Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company – lead instructor
Dr. Linda Harris, UC Davis
Peter Jamieson, SPI Pharma
Dr. Don Livingstone, Mars Wrigley
Rose Potts, Blommer Chocolate Company
Nico Tomaselli, Lindt & Sprüngli
Selina Wang, UC Davis

Assisted by:

Ed Wilson, retired, AAK USA
Rebecca Kuehn, Guittard Chocolate Company

Thalia Hohenthal, Guittard Chocolate Company, was also instrumental in planning this course.

Special thanks go to the companies which provided instructors, equipment and ingredients for the course:

Blommer Chocolate Company
Dandelion Chocolate
Guittard Chocolate Company
Lindt & Sprüngli
Mars Wrigley
SPI Pharma
Tricor Systems Inc.
UC Davis

The following 21 students received a course certificate of completion:

Cynthia Angelo, Givaudan Flavors
Mike Boaen, Fuji Vegetable Oil
John Cahill, MANE
Anjuli Dharna, Uncommon Cacao
Mike Griffin, Fuji Vegetable Oil
Tony Kendig, Jerome & Horner
Arsema Kidane, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Yvette Kopoushian, Blommer Chocolate Company
Aaron Leong, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Ed Luck, Jerome & Horner
Marjan Morravej, FDA
Brittany Ray, Sconza Candy Company
Laura Santo, Blommer Chocolate Company
Brandon Sermaine, PTL
Nicole Silva, Sconza Candy Company
Joe Stevick, Madécasse
Janet Straub, Creo Chocolate
Tim Straub, Creo Chocolate
Ron Sweetser, Dandelion Chocolate
Allison Voll, Victus Ars
Andrea Weis, AAK

About PMCA

PMCA is an international association that enhances the companies and careers of confectionery and snack professionals through inspired learning and the building of long-term personal connections, which empowers our members to create products that bring people joy. Photos courtesy of PMCA.


PMCA names Nina Puch as 2019 Marie Kelso Award Recipient

The PMCA Production Conference Program Committee has named Nina Puch, senior food technologist, Knechtel, Inc., as the twenty-third recipient of the Marie Kelso Memorial Award. Ms. Puch presented a paper titled Advancements in Gummi Confections on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at the 73rd Annual Production Conference.
PMCA’s Marie Kelso Award Chair Steve Genzoli, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company and 2018 winner Carly Meck, Blommer Chocolate Company will present the award at the 74th Annual Production Conference Tuesday dinner, April 21, 2020 at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square.
Nina Puch joins the ranks of the 22 previous award winners; Edward S. Seguine, Mars Snackfood, Susan L. Hefle, Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Marlene B. Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company, Harold H. Schmitz, Ph.D, Mars Snackfood, Nicole Staniec, Firmenich, Bill Dyer, Blommer Chocolate Company, Greg Ziegler, The Pennsylvania State University, Jeffrey Fine, AAK USA, Joe Smillie, Quality Assurance International,  (QAI), Cindy Cosmos, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Richard Hartel, University of Wisconsin – Madison (awarded twice), Tracey Duffey, World Cocoa Foundation, Kurt Muentener, Keymount GmbH, Abdoulaye Traore, Mars Chocolate, Jordana Swank, The Hershey Company, Joseph Bell, Joseph Bell Consulting, Kerry Kaylegian, The Pennsylvania State University, Mark Kline, The Hershey Company, John Ashby, California Natural Products, Jeffrey Bogusz, Ferrara Candy Company, and Carly Meck, Blommer Chocolate Company.
The PMCA Board of Directors established the Marie Kelso Memorial Award in 1997. It is given each year to the author of the paper presented at the previous year’s annual production conference that most significantly contributes to industry knowledge, thus honoring the memory of Marie Kelso and her faithful dedication and unwavering belief in the value of the production conference for the industry.
Marie Kelso served as secretary to the Production Conference Committee for 38 years, and indeed her name became synonymous with the event itself. In her youth, she was secretary to Hans Dresel, a salesman for Felton Chemical Company in Philadelphia, PA. As her boss worked tirelessly to organize and promote PMCA’s Annual Production Conference, as well as AACT events, she organized and managed tirelessly as well. After she left her job at Felton Chemical, the production conference became her life’s work. Marie was also active for many years in the Philadelphia Section of AACT. Marie Kelso passed away in September 1995.

AACT feature

The PA AACT (Pennsylvania Chapter AACT) toured EMD Performance Materials’ US headquarters on May 1, at the historic Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, PA. Says EMD, “Our offices and application laboratories in the Philadelphia Navy Yard reflect the best in class working environment for our employees.”

As the original inventor of the mica-based pearlescent Candurin pigments for use in foods and dietary supplements, EMD presented various products for foods, cosmetics, industrial and printing applications.

Photo courtesy of Dave Jordan
Left to right - Eric Schmoyer, Barry Callebaut; Terry Gross, Warrell; Kristen Domenick, Barry Callebaut; Rich Salotto, Capol LLC; Rosemary Trout, Drexel University; Ann Metzner, EMD; Valerie Griffin, Centerchem; Pete Goldstein, Hershey; Jon Baldasare, Centerchem; Dave Jordan, Centerchem.


11th annual AACT Making Candy with Special People
warms up Chicago’s St. Mary’s Residential Facility

Photos by Lori Paslaski, DMH Ingredients,
Reported by Sandy Murphy, retired, Blommer Chocolate Company

The Chicago AACT Annual Making Candy with Special People Valentine’s Day volunteer event drew approximately 110 people on February 12, 2019, at Chicago’s St. Mary of Providence Residential Facility for the Developmentally Disabled. Attendees included St. Mary’s residents, staff, sisters (religious) and volunteers from Chicago AACT.

During this 11th annual event, product donors shipped Caramels from Primrose Candy; Cookies, Ellison Bakery; Nuts, J B Sanfilippo; Marshmallows, Doumak;
Dum Dums and sticks, Spangler Candy;
Almonds, CWS Ingredients/Campos Brothers;
Colored Sugars, Indiana Sugars;
Sprinkles, Kerry Ingredients; and
Chocolate from Blommer Chocolate.

Table volunteers sharing their products include:
Pam Vieau of Chocolate Inspirations; Long Grove Confectionery, Dwayne Hallan and Radka Kacena; Roquette, Philippe Levresse assisted by Bernadette Zyskowski of Silesia Flavors;
Sanfilippo, Gloria Brandes-Kuptz assisted by Joni Stern of Stern Ingredients;
Blommer Chocolate, Melissa Tisoncik, Anna Sadowicz and Dan Punzal;
Capol-llc, Dennis Donofrio assisted by buddy Matthew Scremph;
Flavorchem Corp, Max Sprovieri, Luke Ross and Phil Sprovieri;
Arro Corp, Tim McNichols and Sally Ladwig;
Ferrara Pan Candy, Jeff Bogusz along with a crew of experienced candy makers.

Enjoy the photos....any typos are by Yours Truly!

Ferrara table making chocolate nests.
Capol-llc table making ting-a-lings with Matthew Scremph.

Ferrara table panning nuts and raisins. 
Long Grove table Radka Kacena helping happy residents.

Capol-llc table with Dennis Donofrio and a happy group.
 Philippe Levresse of Roquette and Bernadette Zyskowski of Silesia Flavors getting bags of cotton ready for the crowds.
Long Grove team, Radka Kacena and Dwayne Hallan all organized and waiting for the residents.
The Blommer Chocolate team, Dan Punzal, Melissa Tisoncik and Anna Sadowicz ready with their chocolate fountain.
Above, at right, Pam Vieau of Chocolate Inspirations joins (at left) Bob Murphy and Sandy Murphy.
Happy residents at the Chocolate Inspirations table.

Dan Punzal of Blommer Chocolate with resident.
Tim McNichols and Sally Ladwig of Arro Corporation setting up to decorate cakes with the girls.
Ferrara Pan table all ready to fill bags of treats with the residents. 
At center, special volunteer Max Sprovieri, a high school freshman and nephew of Phil Sprovieri (left) at the Flavorchem table. At right is Luke Ross. Max attended St. Mary’s in preparation for his Confirmation. He also played the piano to entertain everyone. "Beautiful."

Next year’s event will be the 2nd Tuesday of February. Watch here for details in 2020.

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Sweet Comments from Readers

Susan Tiffany, upon the retirement of Yours Truly:

I'm thankful to you and all those we worked with over the years at CI - I think those were the best years of the magazine and in my working life. Thank you.
December 2018
Upon his retirement, Kent Lyon, Guittard Chocolate Company, writes:

What a gold mine of knowledge in links in this
Candymail. I have put this one in my safety
box to share with people who have questions
on how to do almost anything in the
confectionery world.



April 28, 2017

I loved your Bio I saw in Candy Mail.

Are you going to Interpack? Ive gone to every one since 1978! Amazing how time flies.


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April 20, 2017 
Great stuff Pat, I hope the business is thriving and you are well!
Ken McGregor 
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September 1, 2016 - From Tom Houlihan, Guittard Chocolate Company

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the front page pic. I’ve received lots of nice comments. You have quite an impressive database of friends out there.

Have a great long weekend.

July 1, 2015 - Last seen at 95th RCI convention & expo, and Summer Fancy Food Show in New York

Hi Pat,

Nice to see you at the shows this past week, and thanks for putting in a photo of our new snack boxes.

Happy 4th of July!
Bob Hollander | Midwest Sales Manager
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Thank you Pat – beautiful photos of our conference and nice coverage – greatly appreciated.

At 2015 PMCA Production Conference 
Brandy Kresge and Yvette Thomas


Thank you Pat for the plug.

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​Thanks for publicizing the AACT scholarship. Have a great week.

Kevin Silva
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Thank you Pat - what nice coverage of industry education programs.

Yvette Thomas
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From Shirley Cox, Dorothy Cox Candies, Inc., regarding article about the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show:

"Thank you. We saw the newsletter and it's really good!"

Dorothy Cox Candies Inc.
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From Anne Meerboth-Maltz, Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Public Relations, Messe Düsseldorf North America:

Nice interpack article, Pat! It's appreciated. Visitors need all the help they can get…



Hello Pat,

You really did my [column] proud in your current issue of Candymail. Thank you.

But there is one typo which could result in destruction of the human race! In the article on 'Cooking Under Vacuum', atmospheric pressure is shown as 147 lbs. per sq. in.

If you wish to save the world population, this should be 14.7 lbs. per sq. in.

With best regards to you and Greg, and Happy Holidays!


Hi Pat,

Thank you for the nicely done picture and caption below describing my photography services at the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show. Your ability to communicate to the industry highlighting the fine points of the confectionary industry are clearly indicated here. Keep up the good work!

Tom Scudder
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I have always enjoyed your newsletter. It is succinct but friendly.
Rod Oringer
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On Confectionery Classics:

Wonderful use of some GREAT content Pat. How interesting!

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Wow!  You sure take magnificent photographs!  I loved seeing all of your great photos from Interpack. 

 Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!




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It was good to see you at Interpack - it's nice to be able to put a face to a name!

Alan Burgess, A & A Marketing, for Baker Perkins Group, Peterborough, UK