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Tip: Keep it short and to the point!


#interpack17 waves flag for confectionery processing, packaging

Interpack 2017 will be held May 4-10, 2017, at the Düsseldorf, Germany fairgrounds. Running concurrently with interpack will be a sister fair, “components,” which will present exhibits of all components for the packaging industry including complete systems and integrated automation solutions. Messe Düsseldorf anticipates that exhibit space for “components” will be fully booked as well.

Although exhibit space for interpack has been sold out, Messe Düsseldorf notes visitors planning to attend the fair will still find plenty of hotel accommodations available in the city and surrounding neighborhoods. Messe Düsseldorf advises visitors to contact its accommodations partner, Messe Düsseldorf Tourismus, for safe and reliable bookings (
Additional information for U.S. and Canadian visitors to interpack 2017 and “components” can be found at Messe Düsseldorf North America’s web site, or by calling 312-781-5180.

The new label “interpack alliance” will in the future span all international events staged by Messe Düsseldorf under its Processing & Packaging portfolio.

New Address – December 1, 2015
1825 Greenleaf Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA

Savage Bros. Co. expands
manufacturing capabilities,
makes more room for demonstrations

The premier confectionery and bakery equipment supplier, Savage Bros. Co., is moving into a larger manufacturing space. Savage combines its present 30,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing building and 13,900-sq.-ft. assembly building into a single 81,500-sq.-ft. building with state-of-the-art electric, lighting and communications.

“With more space for manufacturing, engineering and sales & service,” Bob Parmley, president of Savage Bros. Co., states, “the goal is to serve our customers more efficiently.”

Plus, the new Demonstration Room is expanding the chocolate room to add a full Enrobing Line and is also adding a cooking room for demonstrations and customer recipe testing.

“Look for more updates to come as we finish construction on our brand new demonstration room where you can test your recipes on our equipment alongside our chef,” Parmley says.

“We want to thank all of our customers for their continued support which has fueled company growth and made this move possible. We would not be here without you,” he says.

“Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible but we will have some disruption the week of Thanksgiving.”

Please update your records effective DECEMBER 1, 2015 to:
1825 Greenleaf Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
NOTE: Phone and fax and email remain the same:
Phone + 847-981-3000 Fax: + 847-981-3010


AACT names 2016-2017 John Kitt Memorial Scholarship winner

Congratulations to Hannah Vezzetti, recipient of the American Association of Candy Technologists (AACT) 2016 - 2017 John Kitt Memorial Scholarship.

Hannah is a senior at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA, where she majors in Food Science.

Hannah’s work experience and educational excellence solidify her qualifications for this annual scholarship. Last summer Hannah interned with The Hershey Company, and this summer with PepsiCo. She has served as secretary and member of the executive board of the Food Industry Club at Delaware Valley, and developed confectionery products for sale on her family’s farm. She is also on the Dean’s List.

AACT has awarded a scholarship for the past 16 years. In 2010, it was named in honor of John Kitt who, during his 46-year career in the confectionery and snack industry, was a frequent instructor at confectionery training courses, the 1998 recipient of the AACT Stroud Jordan Award, the 1997 Candy Industry magazine Kettle Award winner, and inductee into the Candy Hall of Fame in 2008. He died in 2009.

Tips and Tricks

Five Ws and One H
In news writing, the concept of Five Ws (also known as Five Ws and one H) is considered basic to gathering information. A formula for finding the complete story about something, Five Ws (and one H) serves as a checklist of six questions. 

The list includes:
  • Who? Who is involved? 
  • What? What happened?
  • When? When did it take place?
  • Where? Where did it take place?
  • Why? Why did it happen?
  • How? How did it happen?
A Good Example

"I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

--Rudyard Kipling, from JUST SO STORIES (1902) 


Writing a book

Confectionery Classics by Reg Groves

by Pat Magee

Reg Groves and I first met in 1982 when I joined Candy Industry* magazine. A well-known teacher, consultant and presenter at numerous industry conferences, and the author of technical articles for many international publications, Reg had been ghostwriting the “Candy Doctor” column for Knechtel Laboratories. The long-running series answered technical questions posed by readers. After Reg opened his own consultancy, Groves & Company, in 1983, he continued writing for Candy Industry, authoring the “Confectionery Workshop” column under his own byline for 12 years. Those articles were published as a book that is now out of print.

Not too long ago, Reg offered me the archives of his question and answer columns along with correspondence with editors of Candy Industry. How could I not find a way to reprint some 100 pages of formulations that remain useful to candymakers today?

Such generosity deserves presentation to the industry, and we hope you enjoy reading and using the recipes published here as “Confectionery Classics” with updates from the author. We look forward to receiving your questions that will be forwarded to Reg, a man whose life work exemplifies a spirit of humility and generosity. Start reading here Link.

Reg has garnered several honors throughout his career including induction into the Candy Hall of Fame, Class of 2010. His complete biography is posted at Link.

*Permission to reprint has been granted by Candy Industry ( and Knechtel (

Some poetry . . . 

 - poem below inspired by photo above, circa 1993.
Territorial Rites: 
from Bell to Berlin 1993

If you were born under the full moon,
Dark night, crystal cold,
You’d understand that I was here.
That year, reunification after The Wall fell,
We could reach through cracks
To find new people, language, hope.

My picture shows a younger traveler.
Standing at a checkpoint no longer there.
Details fall like snow upon new growth.

What I recall is heading through a velvet door, the
Smell of kerosene heat,
And taste of Glühwein.

Healthy of mind and body
On this leading edge of
I always knew where I
stood, didn’t you?
Right here, now.
There were no cell phones,
that could find me.
It was perfect.

Clack, clack the old trains head
back . . . 

To Leipzig, cranes poised to build;
Steel and concrete towers rise.
Having fought my way over, only to hear Russian,
A man in a bar listens to my taxicab German
Kisses my hand, laughs, that dialect of its own.

“Not your territory,” my new friend chides.
I stay anyway, foreign correspondent in me satisfied.
My writing called me to this cold place
To review flavors, fragrances, ancient formulations.
My notes were way too occupied to include
anything personal.

A poster of Katarina Witt skating shows me life,
Here, and so does one more treasure:
Stravinsky’s Firebird, and Rites of Spring ballets
Viewed at an opera house built by women, men.
Carpenters were equal there, then.
Those years are like a dream.

My story about a candy flavor company breaking
Into new territory was placed in a magazine.
Maybe someone read it.
At home, things changed.
More walls fell.
I kept going.

If I were to write a book,
So many good parts would have to go unrecorded.

Written for Bell Europe’s 20th Anniversary
aka Bell Flavors & Fragrances Worldwide,
Schimmelstrasse, Leipzig



AACT 2016 National Tech Seminar
stirs up success at new venue
by Judy Cooley
Global Confection Connections LLC

With more than 250 registrants and 50 exhibitors, the 2016 AACT National Technical Seminar, held September 19 - 21, enjoyed many innovative events along with a new venue.
The presentations were some of the best ever with topics such as Fondant & Creams, Contract Manufacturing, Organics, and NCA’s Regulatory Update to name just a few. The topic of Production and Formulation Challenges was covered in three separate papers: Hard Candy, Panning, and Chocolate.

AACT’s new venue at Hyatt Lodge on the McDonald’s campus and McDonald’s Hamburger University, Oak Brook, IL, brought inspiration to attendees in its beautifully landscaped grounds surrounded by nature! Stadium-style seating for the presentations made it possible for a great view. Also featured was an all-day candy buffet. Plus, a new optional activity offered “NetWalking”, at 6 a.m. on both mornings.

Shown above, beautiful “NetWalking” sunrise.


Randy Hofberger, of R&D Candy Consultants, LLC, garnered AACT’s 2016 Stroud Jordan Award. He is flanked in the photo by (left) Judy Cooley [ex-President of AACT, 2009 Stroud Jordan awardee], of Global Confection Connections LLC, and by (right), Marlene Stauffer [2015 Stroud Jordan awardee], of The Blommer Chocolate Company.

New AACT officers include:  President, Adam Lechter, Clasen Quality Coatings; 1st VP, Michael Gordon, Capol; and 2nd VP, Megan Rose Carpenter, of AAK.
Shown above are Iron Confectioner contest competitors Bissinger’s and JB Sanfilippo, with Capol’s Michael Gordon assisting.  

Above, attendees get together for Bon Fire bonding on Wednesday night, new for 2016 with the beautiful Hyatt in the background.

To view more photos, visit our Instagram site at #aactcandy2016

We hope to see you back at AACT in 2017.  It will be the same beautiful venue!

About the author:
Judy Cooley has launched courses in collaboration with other professionals via a tabletop at AACT. The courses will be taught at companies' locations for their employees. Instructors are experts in their respective fields. Check out all course offerings on my website at Link.



CM-OPM celebrates 110th anniversary in 2017

Congratulations to CM-OPM on its 110th anniversary. Founded in 1907, Carle&Montanari-OPM is the result of the merging of Carle&Montanari, a leading company with more than a century
of history in cocoa and chocolate preparation and moulding processing, and OPM’s three decades of manufacturing and marketing moulding lines; primary, and secondary packaging.

CMFIMA is the result of the merger of Carle&Montanari wrapping systems, and FIMA as a leader in packaging equipment.

Based in Italy, Carle&Montanari-OPM S.p.A. and CMFIMA Srl are part of CMH holding, a company of SACMI Group.

Case history: 
Take aim for
immediate results 

Professional photography is vital to increasing profits, reports Al Richards Chocolates, Bayonne, NJ, and a client of Tom Scudder Photography, also located in Bayonne.
When Al Richards’ owner, Fred Stancampiano, launched a new website, "The web builder we hired informed us from the start that it would be impossible to deliver effective results unless we hired a photographer to shoot our gift products. The designer maintained that the images (except stock photos for bulk) had to be custom photographed to represent our unique packaging.

“Results were immediate,” he says, noting, “We look professional and our pricing is not questioned. Going from a do-it- yourself website to a professionally created site paid for itself over and over and sales would never have grown had we not made this investment in our business.”

Stancampiano stresses, “If you produce quality, you need quality presentation or you are just wasting your efforts to establish yourself as a viable business.”
Tip: Don’t rely on that costly new cell phone, or tablet in front of you to take a great picture. Those are perfect for social media and sharing with friends, but not for business.
Tom Scudder Photography has been engaged in photographing confections and packaged products for more than 25 years for clients nationwide. Contact Tom at; or



by Pat Magee

Dwarfed by nurture

The Grumpy Cat is quite a celebrity,
Known for her Internet personality.
But you’ll find she’s a dwarf,
And I’m loath to report,
That her underbite is just a deformity.


Author's Note: Photo was taken at the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2014,
with permission by Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat attributed to


Pat Magee 6.12.14