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(Continued from previous column, setting time for gummies reduced)
The development has focused on being able to remove the products from the moulds in the shortest possible time. A number of factors contribute to this, particularly that the syrup is deposited at final solids. This not only promotes rapid setting of Rousselot’s special SiMoGel formulation but also reduces the need for energy-intensive stoving or drying associated with the starch process, further strengthening the economic case for starch-free processing.
Setting times for gelatin gummies with additives have been reduced to as low as 15 minutes, although this can vary with the specific recipe, additives and final product characteristics required. To allow the product to achieve final texture and moisture some additional resting and/or drying time may be necessary, but is significantly less than a mogul line.
This is not an ‘off the shelf’ process. Every product is unique, especially in the healthcare industry, and trials are essential. A full range of test equipment along with expert process support is available in the Baker Perkins Innovation Centre. Baker Perkins supplies systems with outputs from 30 kg/hr up to 1.000 kg/hr.
Baker Perkins works closely with suppliers of other high-performance gelling agents, including pectin and carrageenan, on quick-set processes. These enable manufacturers to benefit from starch-free depositing across the full range of jelly and gummy textures.
Further information: Keith Graham at Baker Perkins. Tel +44 1733 283000. Email or
Alan Burgess at A & A Marketing. Tel +44 1733 390227.

(Baker Perkins Gummies and Jellies continued from previous column)
ingredient additions are recalculated in real time to match quantities added rather than set points. It also enables precisely the right amount of active ingredients, colors and flavors to be added at the end of the cook cycle.
Accurate dosing of high-value active ingredients is critical in a process which must be readily capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standards. Addition at the end of the cooking process after evaporation ensures stringent control.
Gummies and jellies can be used to deliver a variety of functional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, Omega-3, probiotics and energy supplements for sectors including nutraceutical, sports nutrition and pharmaceuticals.
The hygienic and precise nature of Baker Perkins’ ServoForm Mini starch-free depositing process makes it ideal for the functional confectionery market where lower consumption levels compared with standard confectionery creates the demand for low-output production. The system is also ideal for pilot plants in larger companies.

(More from our readers, continued)
Additionally, at last November's (2019) “Oneofakindshow” in Toronto, M Thompson Chocolates samples its chocolate specialties for two weeks in Toronto, ONT, Canada.

(continued from previous column, Stroud Jordan)

(continued from previous column)

Since 1993, Diane has served Blommer’s key strategic accounts within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, focusing specifically on the retail confectioners segment. She is an active contributing member of RCI, having served on the Board of Directors as well as on the Convention Planning Committee. Diane has been instrumental in helping to plan and coordinate many RCI events, including annual conventions, regional conferences, as well as RCI’s recent Winter Getaway to Costa Rica. 
Diane’s high energy and positive attitude has been a gift to her colleagues, RCI’s association and the industry. Her passion for the success of others within the industry is evident by the way she continues to go above and beyond to ensure her customers receive the service they deserve.

Due to her dedication to RCI and the industry, the Board of Directors felt she was the best choice for this honor. "Diane has been an incredible supporter of the confectionery industry. Her loyalty and commitment does not go unnoticed, and we were privileged to present her with this award recognizing her contributions," says John Asher III, Asher’s Chocolates, 2018-2019 RCI President of the Board.

“I am honored to be to be chosen to receive the Henry J. Bornhofft Award, said Diane. “To be recognized by RCI is humbling and so very much appreciated.”

The Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award was established by the RCI Board of Directors in 1985. Each year a member of the confectionery industry is selected to receive the Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award at the annual convention in June. The recipient is a stand-out supplier member, who has exhibited many years of outstanding leadership, loyalty, friendship and has made significant contributions to the confectionery industry.



(continued Sweet Vegan Chocolates from previous column)

Along with quality ingredients and machinery, Young attributes the company’s success to its primary packaging supplier, Sweet Packaging, for beautiful boxes, candy pads and inserts. (Shown above, below) Knowledge of the products as well as suggestions for new items are Sweet Packaging’s strengths, she adds, plus, they are made in the USA.
“We believe in creating a unique look for our brand. Utilizing a standard Sweet Packaging chocolate colored box, we add our own custom ribbons and labels. This helps create our unique brand identity. The design elements of beautiful packaging are one of our core foundations.
“It’s all about the Sweet Vegan experience. “

Where to find Sweet Vegan’s chocolates
Young explains her products can be found in several different retail outlets, including Foodcellar Market Queens, Food Liberation, High Vibe and Fulton Star Market around New York City. Indianapolis boasts Sweet Vegan Chocolates in YATS; and in Connecticut, they can be found at Sweet Beets. Please visit her website and social media for more.

Sweet Vegan Headquarters, 414 W 121 Street, #34 New York NY, 10027
Website:, Social Media: @sweetvegannyc


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Setting time for gelatin gummies reduced to 15 minutes

Equipment manufacturer Baker Perkins and gelatin supplier Rousselot have worked together to reduce setting times for gelatin gummies to as little as 15 minutes. The starch-free process brings cost, quality, regulatory compliance and innovation advantages to the burgeoning healthcare confectionery market.
Starch-free depositing is replacing the starch mogul as the process of choice for gummy and jelly production, particularly in the vitamin supplement and nutraceutical markets. Gummies and jellies are increasingly used to deliver a variety of functional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, fiber, CBD, protein, Omega-3, probiotics and energy supplements.
They appeal to customers looking to boost their intake of essential nutrients, but who prefer to do so in a non-pharmaceutical format. Gummies and jellies are particularly effective in the children’s supplement market because of their palatability.
A big problem for producers of healthcare gummies and jellies is that the starch mogul process brings with it the risk of cross-contamination of the active ingredients. Starch-free depositing overcomes this, while Baker Perkins’ and Rousselot’s development work to reduce setting times also reduces capital and operating costs significantly.
This has been achieved through a combination of Rousselot’s innovative new SiMoGel gelatin, especially formulated for starch-free depositing, and Baker Perkins’ ServoForm depositors and cooking systems.

(Continued on next column) 

Baker Perkins introduces new small batch cooker for gummy candy
Visit Booth B040, Hall 10.1 at ProSweets to learn more
Baker Perkins is introducing a new batch cooker to its range of small, flexible production systems for the functional gummy and confectionery markets. It will be launched on the Baker Perkins stand at ProSweets (Hall 10.1, Booth B040).
The new ‘JellyCook’ batch cooker feeds a ServoForm Mini depositor; the system brings the benefits of starch-free production of gummies and jellies to companies operating in healthcare and supplement markets. Products using gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends as the gelling agent can all be produced.
The semi-automatic ‘JellyCook’ cooker produces 30kg batches, with an output of up to 50kg/hour; a high output model with two cookers will produce 100kg/hour. A reservoir tank accepts syrup from the cooker and feeds the depositor. Simplicity is a decisive benefit with all operator actions prompted by messages on the HMI screen. The ‘JellyCook’ is oil heated and electricity is the only service needed.
An intelligent control system with an adaptive weighing system guides the operators through the process of making each batch. To ensure consistency between batches 
(continued on next column) 

More from our readers
Candymail’s Happy Halloween request for photos brings a response from Rheo Thompson of his daughter Heather (shown in pink poodle skirt below) handing out daughter Marnie Thompson’s mint melodies from M Thompson Chocolates to 82 trick-or-treat visitors at the door this year. . . . 


Congratulations to Rose Potts,
2019 Stroud Jordan award recipient

Rose Potts, of The Blommer Chocolate Company, garners the 2019 Stroud Jordan award, October 15, 2019 during the AACT National Technical Seminar’s Stroud Jordan Award Banquet.

In the photo at right, last year’s Stroud Jordan award recipient, Gwen Evenstad, presents this year’s plaque to Rose Potts at The Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook, IL.
Photos courtesy of Judy Cooley, Global Confection Connections LLC, and 2009 Stroud Jordan award recipient.

RCI in the news: 
RCI honors Diane Trout with Henry J. Bornhofft award
Retail Confectioners International (RCI), a trade association serving the chocolate and confectionery industry, recently awarded the 2019 Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award at their Annual Convention & Industry Expo. Diane Trout, account manager and business development for The Blommer Chocolate Company, was this year’s honored recipient.

“Diane Trout embodies the values and culture of what makes RCI and this industry so special: camaraderie; loyalty to family, colleagues and customers; and passion for chocolate and everything related to it,” stated Steve Blommer, VP of Business Development for The Blommer Chocolate Company. “I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this recognition than my dear friend, Diane.”


Diane Trout
(continued on next column) 


RCI member feature:
Sweet Vegan Chocolates inspires
entrepreneur to make dreams come true

Sometimes all you need to make a dream come true is find the right place and do the work. Andrea Young, founder of Sweet Vegan Chocolates, New York, NY (shown above) did just that very thing.
“Sweet Vegan grew out of my love of creating healthy and delicious treats for people I care about,” says Young. Her idea was born in her grandmother’s kitchen in the Midwest, and has grown to produce its products from an incubator commercial kitchen in Manhattan. That helpful space, Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK),** is a community kitchen in East Harlem that offers not only rental space but the opportunity for classes and mentorship.
“This has been an amazing experience,” Young claims. “Everything about it signals health and joy. All of our chocolates are plant based, soy, nut and gluten free,” says Young, who urges, “Try our Dreamy Bites: A smooth, velvety ganache blended with subtle notes of spices and dipped in a dark rich organic chocolate.” Sweet Vegan’s flavors include Energizing Espresso, Luscious Lemon, Midnight Passion and Spicy Ginger.
Manufacturing expertise
Young uses Rev Delta by ChocoVision to make Sweet Vegan’s chocolates. “This is a great quality machine and I love the results,” she says, “Everything comes out perfectly every time. Also, I love the fact it is manufactured in New York and USA made.
“Our chocolate selection includes 66% chocolate USDA certified organic. . . . . amazing quality chocolate.”
Contact: HBK, 1590 Park Ave New York NY, 10029,
(Continued on next column)