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(More from our readers, continued)
Additionally, at this week’s “Oneofakindshow” in Toronto, M Thompson Chocolates samples its chocolate specialties for two weeks in Toronto, ONT, Canada.

(continued from previous column, Stroud Jordan)


Moulds are fed through the ServoForm Mini as required and an advanced mould sensing system prevents syrup being deposited when a mould is not present. Changing between different products is as simple as picking up a different mould set and selecting the product profile from the stored list on the control system.
Uniquely, moulds are available in either metal or silicone with the selection dependent on end product type and recipe. This choice would normally be made after testing of the various options in the confectionery laboratories within Baker Perkins’ Innovation Centers in the UK and USA.

Solid metal or silicone moulds offer substantially better end product quality when compared with starch moulds. Metal moulds also offer superior cooling, impart a better surface finish and can hold more intricate shapes. A unique book mould has been developed that enables the production of fully three-dimensional gummies or hard candy.

Further information:

(Above) New low-output starch-free confectionery production system from Baker Perkins.

(Below) Baker Perkins Turbofilm Mini Cooker.


Booth #US-7222 will be staffed by Bob Limburg, John Holland, Danila Daniloff, Sean Burns and Amanda Youngers of Sollich North America, Peter Koch, Klaus- Dietrich Franzmeier and Tony Puchtinger of Sollich KG and Martin McDermott and Andreas Janko of Chocotech GmbH. Although not exhibiting equipment Dumoulin will be represented and literature will be available.
Chocotech mixing tank.

(continued from previous column)

Since 1993, Diane has served Blommer’s key strategic accounts within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, focusing specifically on the retail confectioners segment. She is an active contributing member of RCI, having served on the Board of Directors as well as on the Convention Planning Committee. Diane has been instrumental in helping to plan and coordinate many RCI events, including annual conventions, regional conferences, as well as RCI’s recent Winter Getaway to Costa Rica. 
Diane’s high energy and positive attitude has been a gift to her colleagues, RCI’s association and the industry. Her passion for the success of others within the industry is evident by the way she continues to go above and beyond to ensure her customers receive the service they deserve.

Due to her dedication to RCI and the industry, the Board of Directors felt she was the best choice for this honor. "Diane has been an incredible supporter of the confectionery industry. Her loyalty and commitment does not go unnoticed, and we were privileged to present her with this award recognizing her contributions," says John Asher III, Asher’s Chocolates, 2018-2019 RCI President of the Board.

“I am honored to be to be chosen to receive the Henry J. Bornhofft Award, said Diane. “To be recognized by RCI is humbling and so very much appreciated.”

The Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award was established by the RCI Board of Directors in 1985. Each year a member of the confectionery industry is selected to receive the Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award at the annual convention in June. The recipient is a stand-out supplier member, who has exhibited many years of outstanding leadership, loyalty, friendship and has made significant contributions to the confectionery industry.


(continued from RCI Feature in previous column)
(Above) The hands-on course at Savage Bros. Co., Elk Grove Village, IL, held February 22-24 provided 25 confectioners with new skills in truffle making. Sponsored by Retail Confectioners International (RCI), the course provided an understanding of the science behind making truffles, meltaways and nut pastes. 

(continued Sweet Vegan Chocolates from previous column)

Along with quality ingredients and machinery, Young attributes the company’s success to its primary packaging supplier, Sweet Packaging, for beautiful boxes, candy pads and inserts. (Shown above, below) Knowledge of the products as well as suggestions for new items are Sweet Packaging’s strengths, she adds, plus, they are made in the USA.
“We believe in creating a unique look for our brand. Utilizing a standard Sweet Packaging chocolate colored box, we add our own custom ribbons and labels. This helps create our unique brand identity. The design elements of beautiful packaging are one of our core foundations.
“It’s all about the Sweet Vegan experience. “

Where to find Sweet Vegan’s chocolates
Young explains her products can be found in several different retail outlets, including Foodcellar Market Queens, Food Liberation, High Vibe and Fulton Star Market around New York City. Indianapolis boasts Sweet Vegan Chocolates in YATS; and in Connecticut, they can be found at Sweet Beets. Please visit her website and social media for more.

Sweet Vegan Headquarters, 414 W 121 Street, #34 New York NY, 10027
Website:, Social Media: @sweetvegannyc

(continued PMCA News from previous column)
The following students received a course certificate of completion:
Emily Brau, Cargill
Idalee DiGregorio, Dynamic Strategies Catering
Evan Dodd, Haskell
Binu Eapen, AAK USA
Stephen Ganter, Blommer Chocolate Company
Evan Glynn, Lindt & Sprüngli
Bill Hurt, Old Kentucky Chocolates
Will Hurt, Old Kentucky Chocolates
Maya Keller, Gamay Food Ingredients
Sarah Mann, Barry Callebaut
Deb Niessen, Gamay Food Ingredients
Dave Parette, Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company
Tulsi Patel, Symrise
Kinjal Patel, Firmenich Inc.
Betsy Raasch, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Jason Ritchie, RM Palmer Co.
Fida Skayem, Fascia’s Chocolates
Kevin Straub, Creo Chocolate
Heather Young, Mother Murphy’s
Long (Joe) Zou, Bunge Loders Croklaan 

(continued NCA's Sweets and Snacks from previous column)
Hershey's exhibit captures the Sweet & Salty! trend. 
At Innovation Avenue, Dolce Italian Sweets showcases its niche specialty imports. Candymail's sampling reveals soft-coated, fresh ingredient centers in flavors shown above.
Fruitivity Snacks capitalizes on Unique Flavor! trend using apple chips soaked in 100 percent fruit juice before drying. 
Please visit our Facebook Page for more photos Link 

(PMCA Production Conference from previous column)
Please find photos on #PMCA18 and on our Facebook Page
At the Tuesday night dinner, Walter Vink offered the blessing. Special guests were introduced from visiting associations, including Laura Shumow, of National Confectioners Association and Lacey Hesse, of Retail Confectioners International.
(Above, from left) PMCA Program Committee Chair Judy Cooley, of Global Confection Connections LLC, presents Marie Kelso Memorial Award to Jeffrey Bogusz, Ferrara USA. Bogusz is honored for his 2017 Production Conference Presentation: Panning Equipment - Classic, Belt, Automated and Future State of the Art.
For content about Jeff Bogusz, please scroll below. 
Dinner speaker Peter Greweling (above, right) of The Culinary Institute of America, inspired the audience with a hands-on presentation, “Chocolate Geodes: Dazzling & Delicious.” Attendees had the chance to perform on stage wearing hard hats to “mine” the confectionery geodes.
Wednesday’s closing day presentations highlighted post-harvest processing, roasting of cocoa beans and conching processes.

Join PMCA for its 73rd Annual Production Conference, April 8-10, 2019.

Same place, next year!
For these and the rest of the photos, please see our Facebook Page Link
 and feel free to post more names and captions.

(Fruit display continued from previous column)
 Marlene Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company, and co-lead of the PMCA Hosted sub-committee, presents unusual fruit flavors to taste.
Special Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree highlights list of fruits on display. 

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More from our readers
Candymail’s Happy Halloween request for photos brings a response from Rheo Thompson of his daughter Heather (shown in pink poodle skirt below) handing out daughter Marnie Thompson’s mint melodies from M Thompson Chocolates to 82 trick-or-treat visitors at the door this year. . . . 


Congratulations to Rose Potts,
2019 Stroud Jordan award recipient

Rose Potts, of The Blommer Chocolate Company, garners the 2019 Stroud Jordan award, October 15, 2019 during the AACT National Technical Seminar’s Stroud Jordan Award Banquet.

In the photo at right, last year’s Stroud Jordan award recipient, Gwen Evenstad, presents this year’s plaque to Rose Potts at The Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook, IL.
Photos courtesy of Judy Cooley, Global Confection Connections LLC, and 2009 Stroud Jordan award recipient.

Technology Update: 
New for small manufacturers:
Low-output starch-free confectionery production system
offers flexible small-batch depositing from Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins has launched an innovative, low volume starch-free confectionery production system. It is ideal for flexible small batch production in the fast-growing nutraceutical and supplement markets, as well as standard confectionery.
The system comprises continuous cooking and starch-free depositing processes with a typical output of 60 kg/hr and piece weights ranging from 2g to 16g. It uses the same process and control technology as Baker Perkins’ well-established high-output ServoForm starch-free depositors.
The new system can produce a full range of sugar or sugar-free jellies and gummies, hard candy, lollipops, toffees, caramels and three dimensional products in one or two colours and with centre-fillings.
The ServoForm Mini depositor was launched as a stand-alone machine to bring the benefits of starch-free production to artisan confectioners making a wide variety of products in small batches.
Combining it with the Turbofilm continuous cooker has created a seamless system that brings these benefits to low-volume production of dietary supplements and functional products. Full PLC control incorporating process visualization, recipe management and alarm handling provides complete process control.
The Baker Perkins Turbofilm is a versatile, compact and hygienic continuous cooker for gelatin, carrageenan and pectin-based gummies as well as hard candy. The self-contained skid-mounted system cooks and evaporates a sugar-based slurry to create base confectionery syrups. Colors, flavors and active ingredients are incorporated after cooking using a new, accurate in-line dosing and mixing system.
Solid moulds that can easily be cleaned, along with easy access to every part of the machine for cleaning, make the ServoForm Mini ideal for healthcare production environments. Low scrap rates, quick product changeovers, accurate deposit weights and continuous processing mean a rapid payback is assured.
Consumer preference for gummies rather than pills or capsules as the delivery mechanism for dietary supplements is increasing, particularly amongst millennials who see these products as functional foods rather than remedies.
However, the production process for anything that claims a health benefit is a level higher than many traditional food manufacturing processes. Often this includes adherence to the principles of GMP and being readily validated to FDA/EMEA standards. The accuracy, consistency, control and hygiene of the Turbofilm cooker and ServoForm Mini depositor are ideal for the demands of this market.
Each deposit is individually metered with accurate weight and dosage control. The syrup is deposited at final solids into solid starch-free moulds, guaranteeing dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface finish. This eliminates the costly, time consuming and labor-intensive drying operation associated with starch moguls, and makes the process much more manageable. Cross contamination is also reduced with the elimination of starch.

Sollich North America invites visitors to Pack Expo
Las Vegas, September 23-25, 2019

Sollich NA welcomes you to join them at this year’s Pack Expo, September 23-25 - Booth #US-7222. “Our team is ready to showcase some of the latest machinery, enhancements and options available from industry leaders Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin,” the company says.

As representative to this select group of manufacturers, Sollich North America offers a wide range of equipment used in the chocolate, confectionary, gum, snack, bakery, pharmaceutical and pet food industries. Solutions are comprised of both single and multi-functional machines that can mix, cook, temper, pump, enrobe, cool, form.

 Sollich Thermo Flow cooling tunnel.

RCI in the news: 
RCI honors Diane Trout with Henry J. Bornhofft award
Retail Confectioners International (RCI), a trade association serving the chocolate and confectionery industry, recently awarded the 2019 Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award at their Annual Convention & Industry Expo. Diane Trout, account manager and business development for The Blommer Chocolate Company, was this year’s honored recipient.

“Diane Trout embodies the values and culture of what makes RCI and this industry so special: camaraderie; loyalty to family, colleagues and customers; and passion for chocolate and everything related to it,” stated Steve Blommer, VP of Business Development for The Blommer Chocolate Company. “I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this recognition than my dear friend, Diane.”


Diane Trout
(continued on next column) 

Twenty-five confectioners graduate
from RCI’s Truffles-Plus-More course

The hands-on course at Savage Bros. Co., Elk Grove Village, IL, held February 22-24 provided confectioners with new skills in truffle making. Sponsored by Retail Confectioners International (RCI), the course provided an understanding of the science behind making truffles, meltaways and nut pastes.

Students in the course varied in age and experience, yet each of them graduated with a better understanding of the science behind making truffles, meltaways and nut pastes.

“There are so many benefits besides in classroom training and hands on lab experience--the connections and relationships forged,” said D. Sarah Khan of Reach Organics, LLC. “There is a support system within the RCI community members that translates beyond the classroom.”

Truffles+More was led by confectionery and chocolate experts and designed to offer students optimal hands-on learning experience while benefiting from the knowledge and skills presented. “Students were able to get a better understanding of what is needed to make successful truffles, meltaways and nut pastes and how to apply what they learned to real life,” said instructor Randy Hofberger, with R&D Candy Consultants. “For some it was validating that what they are doing is correct, and for others it was solving some of their current confectionery challenges.”
(Please see photo in next column)

RCI member feature:
Sweet Vegan Chocolates inspires
entrepreneur to make dreams come true

Sometimes all you need to make a dream come true is find the right place and do the work. Andrea Young, founder of Sweet Vegan Chocolates, New York, NY (shown above) did just that very thing.
“Sweet Vegan grew out of my love of creating healthy and delicious treats for people I care about,” says Young. Her idea was born in her grandmother’s kitchen in the Midwest, and has grown to produce its products from an incubator commercial kitchen in Manhattan. That helpful space, Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK),** is a community kitchen in East Harlem that offers not only rental space but the opportunity for classes and mentorship.
“This has been an amazing experience,” Young claims. “Everything about it signals health and joy. All of our chocolates are plant based, soy, nut and gluten free,” says Young, who urges, “Try our Dreamy Bites: A smooth, velvety ganache blended with subtle notes of spices and dipped in a dark rich organic chocolate.” Sweet Vegan’s flavors include Energizing Espresso, Luscious Lemon, Midnight Passion and Spicy Ginger.
Manufacturing expertise
Young uses Rev Delta by ChocoVision to make Sweet Vegan’s chocolates. “This is a great quality machine and I love the results,” she says, “Everything comes out perfectly every time. Also, I love the fact it is manufactured in New York and USA made.
“Our chocolate selection includes 66% chocolate USDA certified organic. . . . . amazing quality chocolate.”
Contact: HBK, 1590 Park Ave New York NY, 10029,
(Continued on next column)

PMCA News:
PMCA Students Complete Chocolate Manufacture: The Basics & More 2018
Short Course
First-time PMCA course host Fascia’s Chocolates welcomed industry professionals to its facility to learn the basics and more of chocolate manufacturing. The course was held August 6-8, 2018 in Waterbury, CT.
Five experienced instructors led the training, which included the history of chocolate, tempering, moulding, enrobing and sustainability. Attendees also had the opportunity to create their own chocolate bark, truffle trees and practice artistry.
In Photo at right, course instructors include:
Kim Yoder, Barry Callebaut – lead instructor
Jim Bourne, Hilliard’s Chocolate System
Brian Donaghy, Tomric Systems, Inc.
Joe Sofia, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate
Nico Tomaselli, Lindt & Sprüngli

Special thanks go to the companies which donated equipment and ingredients for the course:
Barry Callebaut
Blommer Chocolate Company
Hilliard’s Chocolate System
Lindt & Sprüngli
Linnea’s Candy & Cake Supply
MC/Manufacturing Confectioner
Simplex Paper Box
Tomric Systems, Inc.
Tricor Systems Inc.


Exhibitors at NCA's 2018 Sweets and Snacks Expo put best foot forward

If NCA’s Sweets and quotes, “With 800+ exhibits, where do you begin?” does anyone wonder where to start except at the beginning . . . We enjoyed the show, particularly Innovation Avenue, and a few new companies who put their best foot forward with colorful products and packaging . . . For more info on #SSE18 please see the show’s website at Link.
Above, Republic of Belarus representatives sample chocolates and other sweet goods.
Belarus products include boxed candies, chocolate, caramel, wafers, cookies and more.

Mike Nakamura and Jackie Nakamura, owners of Lovely Candy Company, discuss new organic offerings at #SSE18.
(continued on next column) 

72nd Annual Production Conference
provides PMCA’s cutting edge technology
As featured in the last issue of Candymail, highlights of the PMCA Production Conference continue with photos of the Supplier Exhibition, and keynote and technical sessions from the April 16-18 event at Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square and Lancaster County Convention Center.
Suppliers exhibits filled Freedom Hall, many of them celebrating as 25+ Year Exhibitors, including Blommer Chocolate Company, Centerchem, Inc., CM-OPM USA, American Chocolate Mould, Baker Perkins, Savage Bros. Co., Hilliard’s Chocolate System, and many more.

Centerchem, Inc., greets customers at Supplier Exhibition (above, below).
Some exhibitors enjoy speaking of attending PMCA more than 25 years including WRH Industries, Ltd., for example. Warren Hartwell of WRH boasts: “Don’t retire – you know what happens when you retire!” Point taken, Yours Truly can say we’ve been to PMCA more than 25+ years. So many candy bags, too little time.

Blommer Chocolate Company presents 2018 trends.
(Above, from left) Tate & Lyle's Chris Durant, and Ed Minson, pause for a photo during Supplier Exhibition.
Monday’s Back to Basics Seminar presented talks and demonstrations about “Making Chocolate Work for You!”, followed by the exhibits and PMCA-provided buffet lunch, and a free evening. 

Back to Basics demonstrations talked about chocolate (above), and (below), NCA's Laura Shumow wowed the audience with a down-to-the minute Policy & Regulatory Update 2018.
The conference continued on Tuesday with technical presentations, lunch for all attendees, and dessert at the Annual Meeting of Members.
Robert Huzinec, Chair of the Board, welcomed official representatives to the annual meeting. Reports followed, from officers including (shown above) Edmund Wilson, president; Rose Potts, vice president; Edward Minson, treasurer, and Yvette Thomas, Administrative Director. The slate of officers for 2018 – 2019 moved up the chairs, with the addition of Tom Houlihan, Vice President; and Ed Minson continuing as Treasurer. Thanks go to Yvette Thomas, Brandy Kresge, and Rachel Halkias, plus all the volunteers for and excellent year and conference.
(Above) During the afternoon break, attendees viewed featured research by Qiaoqiao Dai, of Callisons.
Friends gathered throughout the conference for candid photos, and Candymail is appreciative.

Above, from left, Amy Allured, MC-The Manufacturing Confectioner, with Qiao and friends.
Above, Amy Allured, MC-The Manufacturing Confectioner, Tom Scott, Catty Corp., Elizabeth Clair, Barry-Callebaut.
Thanks to everyone for being a good sport for snaps by Candymail camera.

Join PMCA for its 73rd Annual Production Conference, April 8-10, 2019
Same place, next year!

PMCA Production Conference coverage continued below... 
Periodic Table of Fruit boasts many varieties. 
'Abso-FRUIT-ly Delicious –
Using Fruit in Confections'

- A unique exhibition hosted by the PMCA Program Committee

So much preparation goes into PMCA’s hosted exhibition each year that it begs to be featured separately. Held during the Supplier Exhibition, April 16, from 12:30 p.m. – 5 p.m., the interactive exhibit presented how fruits are used in different confectionery applications. The PMCA Production Conference was held April 16-18, at the Marriott Convention Center, Lancaster, PA.

Attendees are treated to tasting samples of purees, juices, dried fruit, chocolate-covered fruit, and more.

Hosted Display sub-committee co-leads include Pam Gesford, The Hershey Company; Marlene Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company; and members Philip Cartier, retired, The Hershey Company; Diane Douglas, Concord Foods, Inc.; and Reg Ohlson, Retired, Mars, Inc.

Contributors to the FRUIT-ly Delicious exhibition are The Grocer, Innova, Kauffman’s Fruit Farm & Market, The Packer, Produce for Better Health Foundation, The Tennessean, TRUE FOOD TV.

Fruit trees bloom for PMCA hosted exhibit. 

(continued on next column)