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Baker Perkins pops out with lollipop stick placing system

Baker Perkins has expanded its portfolio of equipment for lollipop production with the introduction of the flat lollipop stick placer. This is the latest in a series of developments which have grown the family of lollipop products based on cooking and starchless depositing technology.

The new system accurately places, positions and secures the sticks in the moulds prior to candy being deposited. It guarantees that the sticks are consistently positioned perpendicular to the lollipop in both planes for a consistent, high-quality appearance.

A servo controlled stick feeder places the stick in the moulds and an alignment mechanism ensures that they are all correctly positioned before being pressed into clips that hold them in position while the candy syrup is deposited and cooled around them.

Flat lollipops are ideal carriers of character merchandising linked to television, films and video games. Depositing provides a very clear image on high-quality candy, allowing premium positioning.

As well as flat lollipops, Baker Perkins supplies high-capacity ServoForm systems for 3-Dimensional, ball and double ball lollipops in a variety of shapes. Varying the colors, flavors, patterns, fillings and textures gives the potential for an almost unlimited product variety, and offers greater production flexibility compared to die forming processes.

The ServoForm lollipop depositor can produce lollipops in up to four colors, with a multi-component capability providing solid, layered and striped options. All products can be produced in sugar-free varieties, and there is also the ability to add medicinal or nutraceutical elements.

As well as the ServoForm depositor, Baker Perkins’ lollipop systems include automatic weighing, feeding, dissolving, and color / flavor / acid addition, plus the Microfilm cooker - the industry standard for sugar and sugar-free high boiled lollipops and candies.

Superior appearance, high clarity and rapid flavor release with a smooth 'mouth feel' are key quality advantages of depositing. The nature of the process creates complete control throughout the system, leading to extremely high dimensional, shape and weight accuracy; negligible scrap rates and efficient wrapping; plus maximum hygiene with low maintenance.

Baker Perkins supplies complete, automated confectionery cooking and depositing plants, used extensively for hard candies, lollipops, toffees, caramels, fudge and fondant. High output and high efficiency with greater quality and production flexibility, low production costs and hygienic operation are the main benefits that depositing brings to these sectors compared to conventional methods such as die forming, starch mogul or cut-and-wrap. 

Office Locations: Baker Perkins Ltd., Peterborough, UK; Baker Perkins Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, USA.


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Obituary: James O. Welch, Jr. (1931-2019)
icon of Nabisco candy division, PR activist

James Overman Welch, Jr., died October 6, 2019, at age 88. Welch was born on May 13, 1931 in Cambridge, MA . . .
He grew up in Belmont, MA, and attended Belmont Hill School. Welch matriculated at Harvard College where he played varsity hockey, earning his AB in 1952. After college, he attended Naval Officer Candidate School inNewport, RI. Once commissioned an ensign, Welch was assigned to the engineering department on the USS Hambleton, a destroyer minesweeper in Charleston, SC, where he completed his naval career in 1955 as Lieutenant Junior Grade and Chief Engineer.

Upon leaving the Navy, Welch subsequently joined the family business, the James O. Welch Company, a national candy and chocolate business with brands such as Junior Mints, Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies. This company was sold to Nabisco, Inc. in 1963.

After serving as President of the candy division for several years, Welch was transferred to Nabisco headquarters in New Jersey. During this period he was actively involved in the Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs tennis match where Bobby Riggs presented Billie Jean King with a giant Sugar Daddy lollipop.

Following that event, Welch was also active in Evel Knievel’s attempted jump of the Snake River which proved to be an ideal double entendre to promote Chuckles jelly candy with the slogan “Evel Knievel goes for Chuckles” on every bag.

After transferring to Nabisco’s headquarters as Assistant to the President, Welch served as President of Nabisco’s cereal and pet food division and then Nabisco’s International Division before becoming President of Nabisco. In 1985, he was elected Chief Executive Officer of Nabisco Brands, the result of the 1981 merger of Nabisco and Standard Brands. After the sale of Nabisco Brands to RJ Reynolds in 1985, he was elected Vice Chairman of the Board of RJR Nabisco.

Mr. Welch was an enthusiastic skier and tennis player with his wife Virginia (Ginny) and their children. This was especially true upon his retirement after the sale of RJR Nabisco to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. in 1989. He also enjoyed boating and spending time in the North Shore of Massachusetts throughout the course of his life. James O. Welch, Jr., was admired for many qualities, but, above all else, for his love of his family. In addition to Ginny, he leaves his sister (Deborah LaGorce), six sons, James, Leighton, Miles, Christopher, Gardiner and Samuel, and their wives and 19 grandchildren.

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